If you are using an air conditioner for a long time, you must go for an annual repair and service. Otherwise, in case if your AC is noisy, leaking, smelling, or has broken down, you must choose to repair the AC without any delay. we Radiato to help you to find AC repair services in your locality. We list genuine and verified service providers in India.

Watch out for these telltale signs:

  • AC is blowing hot air
  • Moisture is seen around the AC
  • Strange noises coming out from the AC
  • Strong pungent odor coming out from the AC
  • Outside fan of the appliance is not functioning
  • AC does not turn on

 We Radiato verified AC repair in India providing a wide range of services. You can expect the following services from businesses listed with us:

  • AC Installation
  • AC Unit Uninstallation
  • Wet Services – faulty cooling coils, outer pane, condenser coils, filet pipes, drain pipes, etc
  • Repair work Etc.

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