We are a lifestyle company, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, fun and peace of mind for our customers. We are consistently driven to find ways to live smarter. Radiato products & solutions are designed to upgrade your lifestyle as they are made exclusively for you and your space. We make your life quicker, easier, smarter and better with Radiato HOME which we feel is the correct definition of Smart Home Technology.


Radiato makes appliances smart

Radiato makes all your appliances smart as long as your phone has network you can remotely turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap by setting time scheduled/ count down timer to turn on/off at specified time.

Radiato Android App

The App Radiato enables you to control your devices easily. You can download the iOS version in App Store and the Android version in Google Play. Sync status real-time device status provided to App. There is a key to share the function and you can control one switch with your family members or friends at the same time by on/off switch.

Support Wifi network and tracking

Device status timely provided to the Radiato. Supports remotely turn on/off connected devices. Network Support control electrical devices over WiFi or 2/3/4G mobile network. Supports numerous Voice Control Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Home.



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